Buying a house home loan simulation

You are going to buy a house. Then use the Best Lenders home loan simulation. A clear answer in 3 steps! Real child’s play. How does the home loan simulator work now? We explain it to you.


Home loan price and registration

home loan

On the first page of the home loan simulation to purchase a house, you have to fill in a few classic things.

Of course you start with the purchase price of your new home. Then enter the zip code. We ask this to make the calculation as correct as possible. You will have to pay registration fees and these are different depending on the region. The simulation calculates the registration fees themselves.

You will see that the costs of the home loan deed and the notary fees are also calculated automatically.

You must then enter your own resources. These are your savings that you invest in the purchase of your house.


Duration of the new home loan

home loan

On the second page of the home loan simulation, enter the desired duration for your new home loan. You convert the duration into months.

These are the most requested durations for a home loan:

  • 10 years = 120 months
  • 15 years = 180 months
  • 20 years = 240 months
  • 25 years = 300 months
  • 30 years = 360 months

Then enter the value of your house. This will determine the quota of your home loan. This is the ratio between the credit amount and the value of your house. Best Lenders has a rate depending on the quota.

Enter your income in the next box. And you must check whether you work with a permanent contract.

You only fill in the last box if you have other loans or loans. You enter the total amount that you have to pay for these loans.

TO REMEMBER: You are free to choose the duration of your home loan. Only also 11, 17, 23 or 29 years. You have to see that you pay the last time before you are 75 years old.


Evaluation results

home loan

Here you can see the result of your home loan simulation.

The credit burden tells you what percent of your income will go towards the repayment of your home loan. The quota therefore says what percentage you will have to borrow from the value of your house. The APR is the annual percentage rate of charge. Currently this is only the rate for your home loan. If the new legislation will apply, there are a few other costs in the APR. Such as file costs, the costs for estimating your house, and so on.

Humanity is the amount that you will have to pay monthly for your home loan. Humanity is what most Belgians take as a modality to repay their home loan. You repay monthly capital and interest here.


Beyond a home loan simulation? Which can!

home loan simulation?  Which can!

Do you want to go further than just the simulation of your home loan? Which can! Send us the simulation of your home loan. We will then put you in touch with a mortgage broker. He already knows some details of your situation. This allows you to quickly get targeted.

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